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Note from our Founders

For too long, private credit investments were primarily reserved for institutions and the ultra-wealthy. That's a shame, because this asset class has historically produced higher returns than stocks, with the consistent cash flows of bonds.

We built Heron Finance to disrupt the status quo, and help individual accredited investors access private credit deals. Our platform is tailored to the individual investor.

Our mission is about more than just investing, it's about unlocking potential. We envision a future system where anyone with a great idea can access the capital they need, and where any investor can participate, supporting that growth and sharing in its success.

Together we can help create a more interconnected financial system that's global, open, and interoperable by default. We hope you'll join us on this exciting journey.

- Mike Sall and Blake West, Co-Founders, Heron Finance

Meet the team

Founders and Investment Committee

Photo of Mike Sall
Mike Sall
CEO and Co-Founder
Mike is the CEO and cofounder of Heron Finance.

Mike has over a decade of experience leading data science and product teams across a range of financial and technology platforms. Before founding Heron Finance, Mike was the co-founder of the Goldfinch protocol, which has facilitated over $100M of private credit loans across over 20 countries.

Previously, Mike was the Head of Product Analytics at Coinbase, where he led the data science team that covered all of Coinbase's products. Prior to that, he was the Head of Data Science at the blogging platform Medium. His prior experience also includes co-founding the data science and machine learning consultancy Unbox Research, product management at Adobe, and management consulting at Deloitte. He holds a Bachelors in Economics from the Wharton School and Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania.
Photo of Blake West
Blake West
CTO and Co-Founder
Blake leads all technical development on the Heron Finance platform.

Before Heron Finance, Blake was the cofounder and CTO of Goldfinch, one of the first blockchain platforms to offer traditional financial assets to investors. The open source Goldfinch protocol has facilitated over $100M of private credit loans across dozens of borrowers, with nearly 6000 investors participating across many countries, with zero security incidents. He brings all of that knowledge and experience to bear in creating Heron Finance as the premier destination for secure investing in private credit.

Prior to Goldfinch, Blake worked in Engineering at various Silicon Valley startups, notably on the Core Payments team at Coinbase. He holds a Bachelors in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Photo of Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen
Chief Credit Officer
Khang is the Chief Credit Officer at Heron Finance.

With nearly two decades of experience as a lender, investor, and banker, Khang Nguyen has structured, deployed, and advised on over $20 billion in client and principal transactions. Before joining Heron, Khang guided multiple fintech companies through some of their earliest, and most transformative, milestones. He played a leading role in formulating credit strategy, developing internal risk infrastructure, and raising over $700 million in debt and equity capital.

Prior to his tenure in fintech, Khang spent over a decade at various multi-billion-dollar investment firms, focusing on private credit. He structured and led negotiations of financing transactions encompassing middle-market direct lending, venture debt, asset-backed financing, and complex special situations. Khang is a graduate of Princeton University.
Photo of Surat Maheshwari
Surat Maheshwari
Head of Capital Markets
Surat Maheshwari is the Head of Capital Markets at Warbler Labs, where he drives private credit business (origination, structuring, risk management) through institutional partnerships active in the credit business.

Over his 25-year career, Surat has facilitated over $50 billion of aggregate debt and equity capital raise transactions for companies around the globe. Surat previously worked at banks such as Citigroup, NOMURA, and Oppenheimer in a leadership capacity in the capital markets business. He has also completed numerous structured transactions using a variety of asset classes in both private and public markets. Over the past seven years, Surat has been working with Fintechs in the lending space and leading the capital markets and product development efforts.

Surat has an MBA from Columbia Business School, and a BS in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, and also holds the CFA charter.

Credit Advisory Council

Photo of Will Holt
Will Holt
Senior Advisor
Will Holt, CFA, is a professional investor with 20+ years of experience. He had a 17 year career at Eaton Vance (acquired by Morgan Stanley in 2021) where he was a portfolio manager in their leveraged loan group.

Will analyzed 700+ different corporate credits and underwrote $10bn+ in investments there. In the course of that career, he also analyzed many investment managers from both fund and corporate perspectives. Will has been an active crypto market advisor, investor, and participant for 13 years. He currently runs his own family office.
Photo of Patrick Dunne
Patrick Dunne
Senior Advisor
Patrick Dunne has over 30 years of investment management, ETF, lending, fixed income, equity, and capital markets experience. He spent 25 years at BlackRock, most recently as Managing Director and Head of Global Markets and Investments in BlackRock's iShares ETF business and Head of BlackRock's San Francisco office.

Patrick was also Chief Capital Officer at LendingClub, COO & Chief Business Office at Jordan Park, and Head of Revenue at Theorem. He has an MS in Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business and received his BA in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.
Photo of Behzad Taufiq
Behzad Taufiq
Senior Advisor
Behzad Taufiq is an experienced credit investor with a background in credit assets dating back to 2006.

Behzad has held significant roles in leading private equity and asset management firms. In his most recent position as Managing Director and Head of Credit Trading, Behzad successfully managed multiple teams responsible for underwriting, trading, and analytics of credit assets valued at over $50 billion. Additionally, he has ventured into the digital space, serving as the Global Head of Credit and Fixed Income at XBTO Global, a key player in the field of crypto finance.

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Disclaimers and footnotes
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The information on this website does not constitute an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Further, none of the information contained on this website is a recommendation to invest in any securities or a recommendation of any interest in any investment offered by Warbler Labs, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries (collectively, “Warbler”).

Any financial forecasts or financial returns, whether in the form of dividends or capital appreciation displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only and are not a guarantee of future results. Private credit investments are subject to credit, liquidity, and interest rate risk. In the event of any default by a borrower, you will bear a risk of loss of principal and accrued interest on such loan, which could have a material adverse effect on your investment. A borrower may default for a variety of reasons, including non-payment of principal or interest, as well as breaches of contractual covenants. Credit risks associated with the investments include (among others): (i) the possibility that earnings of a borrower may be insufficient to meet its debt service obligations; (ii) a borrower's assets declining in value; and (iii) the declining creditworthiness, default, and potential for insolvency of a borrower during periods of rising interest rates and economic downturn.

No communication by Warbler or any of its affiliates through this website should be construed or is intended to be investment, tax, financial, accounting, or legal advice. Warbler Advisory, Inc. is an SEC-registered investment advisor (RIA). Such registration should in no way imply that the SEC has endorsed the entities, products or services discussed herein.

The investment projection presented here is intended for informational purposes only and does not guarantee future performance or results. This model assumes no variability, including no loan defaults, fluctuations in APY, customer withdrawal requests, late payments, or penalties, and our management fees have remained unchanged throughout this projection. Please be aware that all investment involves inherent risks, and past performance is not indicative of future outcomes. Customers are advised to consult their own legal and tax advisers regarding their specific circumstances and needs. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of this information or for any actions taken based on this information without seeking professional advice. Learn more about private credit risks.