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Obtain a diversified portfolio
As soon as you invest on Heron Finance, you receive access to a portfolio of private credit loans. Portfolios are generally diversified globally, from growth-stage fintechs in Asia to U.S.-based real estate lending.

From due diligence to deal structuring to risk monitoring, every investment on the Heron Finance platform meets our rigorous quality standards.
11-16% target net APY
We provide you access to exclusive credit funds that don’t work with individual investors. Our fund partners have deep expertise in their areas, sourcing deals that combine high quality with high yields.

Investments on Heron Finance distribute interest monthly, making private credit a more consistent cash flow generator than most stocks.

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We choose only the highest rated loans
Through our credit partners, Heron Finance has the ability to review hundreds of loans. We select only the highest quality — those that provide the largest amount of collateral, the highest yields, the shortest durations, and the lowest risks.

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We create a portfolio of loans for you
Depending on which strategy you choose, your portfolio will align with your financial goals, while also limiting your exposure to any single borrower. Your portfolio of loans will be diversified from a geographic and industry perspective.
You get monthly payments
As loans you invest in get repaid, those payments come directly to your Heron Finance account. You can choose to withdraw those payments or you can keep them on our platform and reinvest in your portfolio.
We reinvest and rebalance for you
If you choose to reinvest your loan repayments with us, we will rebalance your portfolio to account for that additional investment. That might mean investing in different loans, the same loans, or reallocating funds between loans. We handle it all for you.
You can withdraw your money easily
If you decide you want to withdraw some or all of your investments, we will make every effort to return your investment within 30 days. This is not a guarantee of 30 days and, in a worst case scenario, you may be forced to hold the investment through the life of the loan.

Diversification across industry and geography

Educational center in Virginia
U.S. preschool and early childhood development services
US flag
Our participation
We acquired a position in a $4MM+ deal to help construct an early childhood development center in Virginia for one of the most trusted childhood education brands. 
APY net of fees
Maturity date
Jan 6, 2025
Why we like this deal
The loan is senior secured (backed by the property itself), from a very company that has completed this type of work hundreds of times before. An added benefit is that this loan is the only one on the borrower’s books, and the borrower can't take on new debt without the approval of the loan administrator.
Consumer lender in Latin America
Mexico-based microlender focused on direct consumer loans
Mexico flag
Our participation
We provided senior secured financing in support of funding to this consumer lender. The deal matures nine months after our purchase date, meaning we are less exposed to duration-related credit risks.  
APY net of fees
Maturity date
Oct 31, 2024
Why we like this deal
The consumer lender has been profitable for each of the last three years, with the C-suite executives and board members being made up of very experienced operators and influential politicians in Mexico. The deal also has strong covenants and excess collateral in place. 
Florida-based HVAC business
Acquisition financing for an industry professional
US flag
Our participation
We acquired over 10% of this $4.5MM loan. The loan is senior secured, with a small percentage (4.5%) amortizing in month nine of the loan, and the remaining principal due in full on the maturity date.
APY net of fees
Maturity date
Aug 10, 2025
Why we like this deal
This loan contains strong collateral, including all assets and cash flows of the borrower, as well as a personal guarantee from the business owner, who maintains over $20MM in total assets. Additionally, the company cannot take on new debt without the approval of the loan administrator. 

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We are the first robo-advisor exclusively focused on private credit.
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